10 Interesting Facts About Sheep That Will Make You Go Baaa!!!

Sheep are very interesting animals. You wouldn’t say so from the dope looks and herding mentality, but keep reading and find out what you’ve been missing.

  1. They have good memories – Sheep can remember the faces of other sheep and humans for years.
  2. Egyptians liked sheep – The Egyptians mummified sheep and they were buried with them in their tombs.
  3. There are billions on Earth – There are more than a billion sheep in the world and many different breeds. You will find roughly 18% of these billions in China.
  4. They are mentioned a lot in the Bible – Sheep are mentioned in the Bible (King James specifically) 200 times. Lambs are mentioned 191 times, ewes 10 times, and rams 172 times.
  5. They can power lorries – A study in New Zealand has shown that the methane released by a sheep’s flatulence can power a lorry. It would be able to give power for about 25 miles per day.
  6. In some countries they exceed the human population – In New Zealand, Australia, and Magnolia there are more sheep than people. In some places as many as three times more.
  7. They can smell really well – Sheep have a great sense of smell. They have scent glands on their feet as well as in front of their eyes.
  8. Sheep help weed out invasive plants – Sheep are grazing herbivores and tend to have a taste for the invasive species. Therefore, they are used to control the appearance of these plant species to help maintain biodiversity.
  9. They are not that dumb – Studies have shown that, despite the herding mentality, sheep have the same intelligence as other cattle and their IQ is just below that of pigs.
  10. A sheep was the first mammal to be cloned – Dolly was a Finnish Dorset sheep and the first mammal that was successfully cloned from an adult somatic cell. She was born in 1996 and grew to be almost 7 years old before she died of a lung disease.

Sheep are more interesting than most people may think. They were pretty important to the Egyptians and used a lot in the Bible which makes them pretty cool.


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