Portland sheep are a breed that comes from the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England. The Portland breed was once very common, but is now at risk and nearly became extinct in the 1970s. Because Portland sheep are a rare breed, we dedicate this blog to them and the farmers who work to keep them safe.

Portland sheep is one of the smaller sheep breeds and both sexes have horns. The males are distinguished by the double spirals in their horns. Portland lambs are born with a red coat that lightens to white as they get older. Portland sheep are mainly raised for their meat. They are easy to farm with and handle and farmers enjoy raising them.

The Portland Sheep blog is not only to raise awareness about the Portland breed, but also to share other sheep-related information. Basically, this blog is a bit sheepish…There are billions of sheep on the planet – in some countries, there are more sheep than people. So, why not have a blog that is dedicated to these once worshiped animals?

Portland Sheep is a blog to discuss, educate, inform, and interact with farmers who have questions or want to share their opinions. It is an open blog and anyone is welcome to contribute if they feel they have something of value to share.